Jason Fried

September 8, 2023

Feeling it

I'm often asked how you know if an idea — product, business, or otherwise — is good. Good enough to pursue. Good enough to follow. Good enough to invest in. Good enough to get behind.

You don't know. You feel. You give into your intuition, you tune into your senses, you notice goosebumps. What does it feel like? What's the vibe of this thing? That's what I want to know. 

Good ideas are like slipstreams — they have their own effortless, accelerated pull. They slide rather than grind. They have a smooth, silky texture — like a perfect milkshake being drawn through a wide straw. Everything has a nature, and good ideas have theirs.

Feeling like you're on to something is an unmistakable feeling. Don't look for it, don't ask about it, don't fish for opinions. Feel for it.


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