Jason Fried

March 15, 2021

Giiggle it!

Traditional search engines like Google are pretty good at helping you find something specific. Like a research paper on a clinical trial, or a picture of Wrigley Field, or a product if you know the name. If you kinda know what you want, and you'll recognize it when you see it, there's a good chance that stodgy old search engine will help you find it.

But sometimes you don't need something specific. You want something general. And you don't want to pick through thousands of text or images results to find the best result, when truly any result would do. And you don't want a link to the thing (where you aren't sure what you'll get when you get there), you simply want the thing. In that case, a sea of links is a tax on your time and attention, a moment of choice paralysis you don't need. Variety isn't always the spice of life — sometimes it's just too salty.

For example, what if you just want a joke? Or a compliment? Or a poem? Or a cute animal pic? Not a specific one, just an example of a genre — and any example will do. I don't need thousands, I need one. And don't make me choose — you choose for me. Save me some time!

Turns out, traditional search engines are kinda bad at that. And getting worse! Further, why assume the best place to deliver results is my browser? How about my email?

So our H.E.R.L. (Hey Email Research Lab) team saw an opening. And of course, that team is only capable of seeing everything through the lens of old, unsophisticated email. So...

Introducing Giiggle. For those times when anything will do, and email is easier. Want a joke? Any old joke? Got you covered. Need a guitar riff? Check. Have a hankering for a magic trick? We gotchya. Feeling down and fishing for a compliment? One's on the way! Giiggle with us.


Yes it's kinda stupid, and yes it's kinda useful. And yeah, it makes you think a little bit — how could something so simple actually be better for some things than that sophisticated, trillion-dollar Google thing? Is there room out there to underdo the competition? We think so.

So have some fun and Giiggle it!

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