Jason Fried

April 24, 2021

I bought a sauna

I bought a sauna.

Which one doesn't matter. I barely know. I don't even care.

Model number? I couldn't tell you. Maker? I'd pronounce it wrong.

I just know it goes up to about 184 degrees Fahrenheit.

I bought a sauna on a second-hand recommendation from someone I don't know, but do respect.

I bought a sauna sight unseen, heat unfelt.

I'd never even sauna'd before.

I didn't scour the web for reviews. I didn't devour YouTubes. I just bought the fucking thing.

And I love it.

Feels great, works great. That's the point, right?

Are there better ones? There must be. Worse? Undoubtably.

It doesn't matter. This one works for me.

Did I comparison shop? Nope. Ask around? Nada.

There's no buyer's remorse when you just don't care to know.

I buy almond butter carelessly. Same with this sauna.

Did I get ripped off? Doubt it, but don't know. Could have, but don't care.

I bought a sauna. I just bought it. That's it.

And this is how I'm buying things from now on.

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