Jason Fried

September 20, 2022

Just get moving

In business, moving is one of the hardest things to do.

People think change is hard. It is. But moving is harder.

Morphing from thinking and talking to actually doing and moving is the hardest.

It's hard because talk is easy. Theorizing is easy. Imagining is easy. Waiting is easy. Second guessing yourself is easy. Third and fourth opinions are easy.

Business is filled with not moving, because not moving often looks like moving. Meeting about it. Considering it. Conceptualizing it. These are all doing something, but they aren't moving.

Moving is blasting past the decision, and on to the committed work that culminates in putting something real out in the world.

It's hard because it's judged. It's hard because it may be the wrong move. It's hard because you may not know how the move turns out until 10 more moves down the road. But that's why you've got to move.

You don't go, you don't get somewhere, until you move.

Water, not ice.


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