Jason Fried

November 27, 2023

Live with it for a while

In the course of building products, you'll likely experience moments when you're unsure of a certain screen, flow, condition, label, idea, whatever.

Maybe this button doesn't feel right. Or the name of this feature feels unresolved. Or some color is jarring, but kind of interesting nonetheless. Or the way something gets set up seems a bit kludgy at the moment. Maybe this stuff is alright, maybe it's not, but it feels unsettled.

I like these moments. It's practice. It's a chance to sit with them, to let them be, to work on other things while they marinate in the back of your mind. They aren't blockers, they aren't deal breakers — they're just things that may or may not work out.

Sometimes time makes them work. Or reveals that they certainly don't. Sometimes they weren't that important anyway, and it's just a matter of getting used to them. Sometimes they're novel and unusual — which can be jarring to the uninitiated — but endearing to the experienced. Sometimes!

So just let them be. Come back around to them later if they continue to bug you. It's perfectly OK to leave things unresolved, and let the resolution force itself on you eventually. If you forget about them, they didn't matter anyway. If you can't forget, maybe they do matter more than you realized.

Projects unfold. Live with them for a while. The answers will reveal themselves when they're ready.


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