Jason Fried

January 13, 2023

On Sabbatical

I'm out.

Today marks my last day of work until March. I'm taking my first sabbatical in 23 years. It's embarrassingly overdue.

I do the 8 hour day, 40 hour week thing just fine, but when it comes to taking extended time away from work, I'm terrible. Subtracting time away when my kids were born, and aside from from personal days dotted here and there, I think all together I've probably taken less than 12 weeks off in two decades. Pathetic!

So, it's time to get on back on track by getting off the train for a bit.

I'm going to completely disconnect, so you'll only see me in the event of a true emergency. Which hopefully means you won't see me at all.

Everything should run just fine without me. And who knows — possibly even better!

Do I have plans for the time off? Aside from a brief trip to New Zealand and Australia, nothing else is planned. Exactly as I like it. Basic daily family obligations aside, it's all open space, open mind.

Cya back here in March!


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