Jason Fried

August 23, 2023



Scatter is the silent killer at work.

Scatter is tools siloed by teams.

Scatter is multiple apps to do one thing.

Scatter is doing the same thing at the same time in multiple places.

Scatter is asking around rather than doing it right now.

Scatter is pulling people off this to jump on that.

Scatter is wondering where something is rather than knowing where it lives.

Scatter is repeating yourself.

Scatter is dependencies.

Scatter is looking but not paying attention.

Scatter is intracompany fiefdoms defending themselves.

Scatter is attempted multitasking.

Scatter is waiting around for something else to happen first.

Scatter is multiple monitors.

Scatter is being busy without making progress.

Scatter is principles on the wall that no one believes.

Scatter is a backlog of ideas you'll never get to.

Scatter are far off promises you made because it was easier than saying no.

Scatter is looking back at your day and wondering where it all went.

Scatter is conceptual engines burning in opposite directions.

Scatter is a huge, invisible liability you'll never see on your balance sheet.

Scatter is what scatter does.

Scatter has its place as long as it's not the steady state.


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