Jason Fried

August 30, 2022

The longer

The longer you do something, the more you'll be asked "what keeps you motivated?"

People are typically looking for a goal-based answer. Or some big mission. Or some sort of target you just haven't hit yet. The question is often aimed at revealing a deep, purpose-filled motivation.

The assumption is that you're still doing it because you're still striving, still reaching. You haven't yet had the impact you wished for. You haven't changed x-number of lives. You haven't hit x-number in valuation. You haven't attracted the gaze of x-number of people, or a specific person who's already hit their x.

Which means they're typically bored by my answer.

What keeps me motivated is the doing itself.

I keep doing something because I like doing something.

I keep building and improving our products because I like improving our products.

I keep writing because I enjoy writing.

I keep pursuing an interest because the interest interests me.

I keep... because I like...

I can be that simple, and I'd argue it's best when it's just that.


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