Jason Fried

June 6, 2023

Two visions of the future


What an interesting moment.

We're staring at two distinctly different visions of the future. They may co-exist, but they are radically different takes on what's modern, what's current, and where things are headed.

One vision gets the UI out of the way. The other vision is UI everywhere you look.

One vision gets the computer out of the way. The other vision mounts a computer on your face.

One vision is get it and go. One vision is get it and stay.

One vision fades into the background. The other vision is front and center.

One vision is about information. The other vision is about immersion.

One vision is natural and understands you. The other vision requires new methods of interaction that you have to learn and master.

One vision feels like an assist. One vision feels like obstruction.

One vision fits with whatever you already have. One vision requires you buy something that fits.

One vision is simply text. One vision is anything but.

One vision feels like before. One vision feels like after. But I'm not sure which is which.

Both are extraordinary.


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