JF Martin

March 15, 2021

Now What?

Have you tried: http://world.hey.com/~shuffle? I did. A lot. I even created a Shortcut on my home screen named “HEY World Dice”. Tapping on the icon opens Safari with this URL and boom, I’m presented with a random HEY World user’s wall (can I say that?). I found some interesting things but most of my findings can be summed up to: “Hey, this is my first try with HEY World, I’m not sure what to do with it, tough”. Most people recognize how easy publishing is with HEY World. And most people are wondering about their next step. I’m pretty much in the same boat, actually. Why HEY World?

I previously wrote here about some possible ideas on how I put HEY World to good use. I’m still thinking about it. One of the idea was to create a crowd-sourced sci-fi novel. I’m afraid this would suck too much time out of my already busy writing schedule. I know my limits. It’s one of them, lacking free time.

Out of the many HEY World test posts I saw, a few contained pictures with a small caption. It would be interesting for me to do this but the way HEY World shows posts summary, without pictures, diminishes its potential for photographers. Who knows where this will go. HEY World is a 1.0 service, after all.

So, now what? Excellent question. HEY World is up there in my head, quietly dangling up there with my so many other things, waiting for me to grab it and make something out of it. Let’s be patient here.