Jimmy T Tran

March 27, 2021

Budgeting: Death by a Thousand Cuts

Subscribing to the various (digital, usually) services seems like we are saving money, that they are all affordable because “it’s only 10 bucks.” Man, do all these services add up. Best way to keep the budget in check: log every single subscription into a single spreadsheet. After all, “what gets measured, gets managed.”

I’ve centralized 99.999% of my subscriptions to my Apple Credit Card. Why, when there really isn’t a points benefit (unless you are buying Apple products)? Because I get notifications of when my Apple Credit Card gets charged. So, by the time I get around to paying off my card, all the charges don’t take me by surprise. My “audit” of my charges is very cursory, because I generally keep abreast of my charges. The cadence of checking my finances is as consistent as how much I check Reddit, best social network thanks to subreddits.

I love that I can pay off my card with 3 button presses.