Jimmy T Tran

April 25, 2023

How to administer CAASPP

  • Print out testing schedule
  • Get testing tote (clarify when I can get it)
  • Bookmark CAASPP
  • Re-register for User ID (First Time User? Request one now)
  • Write down path for all tests (ex. CAT ELA Grade 8/Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments/ELA/Grade 8 ELA CAT TEST)
  • Click on Test Administration Interface for all Online tests
  • Ensure all chromebooks have Apps/"Secure Browser" (request additional chromebooks if needed)
  • Post up "Do not disturb sign"
  • Send students to correct classes for testing
  • One student per desk
  • Hand out earbuds, test id cards, scratch paper, collect smartphones/watches, write and tape name on their devices
  • Hand out snacks after everyone has started working on the test
  • Give the 10 minute warning