Jimmy T Tran

November 29, 2022

Marvel Snap stuff I learned about the hard way

* Spend your blue credits to upgrade your cards (faster upgrades from the shop are a ripoff)
* Use your gold to buy daily mission refills
* In the collection tab, cards that are upgradable (that have enough blue credits and boosters) will shimmer (you can also sort cards by clicking on that small left accordion tab on the lower left and sort by "upgradable")
* Upgrading cards upgrades your collection level, which gets you new cards
* "Marvel Snap Zone" is where I read about decks, I also subscribe to YouTube channels and podcasts. When I get a new card (say Shang-Chi), I'll filter the "Decks" section, and filter for most "Likes" to see how others are deckbuilding around Shang-Chi
* My decks generally revolve around certain categories like "Control" or "Discard" or "Move" [that I named "Jagger"...get it...Moves like Jagger]. I've also named after certain characters (ie. "Infinaut deck" or "Moon Devil", which is Moon Girl + Devil Dinosaur, one of the great combos in the game)
* Refilling daily missions gets you more blue credit faster. Gold is best used for refilling daily missions and buying variants you like (I bought a Jim Lee Colossus variant for 700 gold recently)
* Also learn to "snap" strategically, it's basically like raising in poker (I'm more conservative with my snapping now (when I am 80% certain I'm gonna win)
* Also, as you get more matches under your belt, start retreating more (but don't retreat much as a beginner because you want to see out your matches to see what decks win, what cards you lose to), when I'm 80% certain I'm
Gonna lose, I retreat