Jimmy T Tran

January 15, 2022



I've been obsessed with (developing for) Playdate, so much so, I have been looking at GB Studio (since Playdate's SDK isn't out yet).

If I were to make a platformer, it would have to do with eggs, or food, and learning more about food (to help people become more educated about how to cook and be self-sustainable).

Which reminds me, I really want to make an iOS app that helps me decide on what to eat (more quickly).

Here is software I want to exist in the world:
- iOS app that helps me decide what to eat (and if I should go home and cook)
- A game that educates me on different ways to make eggs
- An iOS app that helps me decide what drink to get at the bar
- An iOS app that helps me decide what video game to play

Maybe I should get that recommendation engine MIT book from Half Price books.

I spend too much time on "productivity pr0n" as it comes to what technology to learn. Reminders to myself:
- Just bring your Nintendo Switch so you can make Game Builder Garage games and Mario Maker levels
- Just practice Python when you have your iPad or Macbook
- Just develop Playdate game (Pickleball) when the SDK comes out
- Just develop in Unity when you have your Mac/Framework laptop
- Just practice Terminal when you have your Macbook
- Just practice making apps in Glitch
- Just practice iOS development when you have an iPad (Swift Playgrounds) or Macbook (xCode)
- Just make things in Replit (KaboomJS or Python)
- Just learn Raspberry Pi (Retro video gaming)