Jimmy T Tran

March 6, 2022

Playdate Pulp 1

  • All rooms have scripts (upper-right hand corner)
  • Events: the game loading, [the player] bumping into something, entering a new room
  • How to make Chiptune music
  • Pulp docs
  • Pulpscript docs
  • In documents, I copied Pulpscript's HTML, to use as a prototype for GBG
  • Under Games, click the New button (+) and enter a filename for your game.
  • Edit script
    • on enter do
      • say "blah blah"
    • end
  • Ideas: Longfellow Middle School, A torture chamber, a haunted mansion, your home, Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory
  • Learn to: make a two-tile character
  • The jigsaw creates the whole side to go back to the main room
  • My player doesn't show up when I enter a new room (Exits post)
  • Learn to make: animated player (2 costumes)
  • Assignment #1: Make a room (Eggly)
    • How to make pixel art (furniture)
  • Assignment #2: Make 3 connected rooms
  • Assignment #3: Make 9 connected rooms
  • Make an Adventure Game