Jimmy T Tran

March 7, 2022

[Playdate Pulp] How to create a game with 4 rooms

  • Click on Game
  • Click on the + icon (under Games)
  • Input a name for your game (that rhymes)
  • To make a Room:
    • Click on Room
    • Click on World
    • Design (with tiles) as you see fit
  • To make an exit to a Room
    • Click on Room
    • Under Layers, click on World
    • Click on the light gray tile under Tiles
    • Create a "hole" exit (design affordance)
    • Click on Exits
    • Select the tile (where your "hole" exit is)
    • In Connects to, select the room AND, in the (smaller) room view, select the tile (where your "hole" entrance is)
    • To add text to a room:
      • Click on the script icon
      • Input the following Pulpscript
        • on enter do
                say "You have entered Room #"

TOFIGUREOUT: When I collect a certain amount of items, something happens