Jimmy T Tran

March 19, 2021

Practical tips for working with law enforcement in these times of Asian American Hate crimes

(from what I learned studying to be a 911 Dispatcher/Police Officer in Oakland/Berkeley):

- When you call 911, the first thing you tell the dispatcher is your location, so tell them the cross streets (and where the suspect is headed if possible), then what happened/or is happening, as calm as you can (so you can be heard clearly, so the incident can be categorized into the tier of priority) and appropriate units can be allocated (police, ambulance, firefighters). “Life threatening” is of course top priority.

- Learn to:
* Zoom with your smartphone camera to take better pictures/videos when zooming in (to gather as much evidence as possible)
* Describe how people look (to provide evidence)
* Apply pressure to stop any bleeding

What else?