Jimmy T Tran

November 14, 2021

Toothbrush Robots

  • Having to think about how to Blot this post was rough, so I am back on this Hey blog because posting is as simple as writing an email. Also, my Dropbox is out of space too, I may be slowly not being a member of blot anymore.
  • Noah G ran a wonderful workshop at ACE Makerspace
  • Cutting the rubber band and tying it to the motor is the easier way to go, rather than wrapping the rubber band around the motor
  • The motor has spindly, frail wires so be gentle when handling (especially when affixing it to either side of the battery
  • I thought the pipe cleaners were for decoration, they serve the practical purpose of keeping the Toothbrush Robot upright
  • Pom Poms can help the Toothbrush Robot get over curves and edges, though removing them make the robots move way faster
  • For the pipe cleaners, I interbound them to create an infinity sign shape that served as spider legs
  • The toothbrush should have a longer rather than shorter stem
  • Noah's walkthrough here.