Jimmy T Tran

March 10, 2021

What a Difference a Project Makes

One of my students who hasn't done any work during the year, who would show up to small group sessions, but still not turn in any work - started engaging with the class, with me, when we started making a video game in Scratch.

It started with some comments trickling in from him during Synchronous Zoom meetings. It took me by surprise, and I rode that wave of participation from him. I started laying on the compliments, well, because I meant them - I was really excited by his sudden engagement. Then, the next time he showed up to small group sessions, we really went to work on his Scratch game. Is it Scratch? Is it making video games? What I think it is, is varying the kinds of projects we do. Different strokes, different folks. Some students like making videos. Some students like making video games. All students LOVE Photoshopping. With this particular student, making a space video game is what has bonded me and this student, and hopefully, it will right his ship for the rest of his years in school.