Jimmy T Tran

December 30, 2021

Workflow to Post Nintendo Switch posts (GBG)

The photos
* Go to Photo Album in Nintendo Switch
* Click on photo/video (you want to post)
* Click "A" button and select "Send to Smartphone" [can do "one" or "batch"]
* Scan the QR code 1 to generate QR code 2, which brings you to the local webpage on your phone, to download to your phone's gallery
* On your selected photo(s), send to "hey" app

The text
* Write up devlog notes in Things app
* Two-finger tap on an item: Go to "Share" and select "Copy text"
* Paste in the copied text
* Send to HEY World

I also subscribed to my own Feed in Net News Wire's RSS feed reader, so I could use it as a search engine (since HEY world currently doesn't have a search feature)