Jodie Cook

December 6, 2021

Changing your mind

When politicians change their mind it’s seen as negative. Inconsistent. A U-turn. They are expected to stick to their convictions so they don’t look like they made an initial misjudgement.
Even for the rest of us, there’s a stigma. We are reminded we used to want to live in Spain, we never wanted a dog, we wanted to study law at university or didn’t used to like Crocs.
“I changed my mind.” 
The statement holds power. It says that, actually, now you have more information and you’re not afraid to pivot. You think in a different way. I used to think this and now I think that. No stubbornness, no refusal to budge or hankering over what was. Strong opinions loosely held. I changed my mind.
If you don’t think that way forward is right for you now. If you don’t think that person is right for you now. If you don’t think that place is right for you now. 
Just change your mind.