Jodie Cook

November 30, 2021

How do you want to feel today? [New book]

In the depths of the UK's first lockdown and with the uncertainty of business, life and travel, I wanted to create some certainty.

After reading about the concept of a premeditation strategy (where you choose, in advance, what you will make happen) I loved the idea of being able to decide what type of day I could have.

This book is an answer to the question:

"How do you want to feel today?"

The 32 morning affirmations that I wrote for myself weren't going to be a book because they felt too personal, but the practice helped me so much that it feels like the words should be out there.

Thanks to the wonderfully talented designer, Jodanna Bird, we have a beautiful book cover and Daily Me is on Amazon in every country in ebook and hardback.

In other words: it's ready for you now. 😊

I hope Daily Me changes your days in the most wonderful of ways. Available here.