Jodie Cook

April 30, 2021

New articles

These are the most popular articles I have recently written for Forbes:

How to block out distractions and stay focused

At any given time, dozens of things are fighting for your attention. Pop up banners want your email address, ads want you to look at them, colleagues want you to respond to them and friends want you to talk to them. Plus there's that small matter of the work you’re actually meant to be doing.

Pressure is a privilege

We all feel pressure from time to time. It’s butterflies in your tummy before a big meeting or that sinking feeling when confronted with adverse news. It’s the adrenalin rush before taking the mic. Pressure comes in various guises. Here’s why it’s a privilege.

Six ways to go the extra mile for your customers

Average brands deliver exactly what is asked of them. Exceptional brands deliver more. Finding novel and surprising ways to go the extra mile turns sceptics into fanatics and passive bystanders into loyal customers who tell their friends.

The surprising sign of a successful working relationship

The secret to long and happy relationships is the same at work and home. Here’s what the research says.