Jodie Cook

August 31, 2021

Overcoming tech addiction, turning customers down, four books to change your business and life

Here are the articles written for Forbes during August:

Overcoming technology addiction: three experiments to try now

In the last few hours of your life, you will not be reading the news or scrolling your Twitter feed. In the last few hours of your life, when you reminisce about the time you had and the impact you made, you will not wish you spent more time on your phone.
Only average businesses try to serve everyone, but turning customers down can make business owners uncomfortable. Rather than exclude a potential buyer, they make exceptions, agree to concessions and go above and beyond in an unsustainable way.

Can we really teach entrepreneurship at college?

Schooling and entrepreneurship can seem paradoxical. One teaches you to stay in line, one requires you to stand out. One caters for the slowest moving, one benefits the fastest paced. One looks at what has been, one imagines what could be. Is it possible to take the best of both worlds?
Finding a book with an author, stories and messages that spark your imagination and spur you into action is a special moment and it doesn’t happen with each one you pick up. Here are the four books that I believe will change your life, whoever and wherever you are.