Jodie Cook

November 25, 2021

Ten things I know for sure (this week)

1. Early nights are the new luxury.
2. Once defined, your dream life is halfway there.
3. People who follow up get further than those who don’t.
4. Whatever triggers you requires further exploration.
5. Change your trajectory by changing your geography.
6. What we hold onto might be what holds us back.
7. Every part of your life is a choice. Every single part.
8. Mental health and screen time are undoubtably linked.
9. Uncommon amongst uncommon people is a great place to be.
10. One day the people who didn’t believe in you will tell everyone how they met you.

P.s. My book, Stop Acting Like You’re Going to Live Forever (volume one) is 99p on Kindle today (and now available in hardback.)

Stop acting desk flat lay.jpg