Jodie Cook

April 21, 2022

The confusion of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can be a minefield. Whilst some seem to have it completely figured out, others are totally lost. For every glossy headline or perfect headshot there’s another story of struggle, of covering up the cracks or making it through a rollercoaster time. For every founder genuinely nailing it there’s another simply winging it.
If you feel like you haven’t quite cracked the code, you’re not alone. Most entrepreneurs are confused.

The crux of the confusion is muddling the stages of your business and, therefore, your values and priorities. Depending on the size and maturity of your business, each stage of its growth will require a different approach. Muddling stages means acting like a mature business when you’re just starting out or playing too small when you should be strategizing. Perhaps it’s sitting back and letting the money flow when you should be networking or answering every email instead of focusing on that one huge opportunity.

Entrepreneurs who are confusing stages are brushing over their first few customers in a bid for scale or going too micro with every team member at the expense of growth.

Confused entrepreneurs should extend the timeline. Plan five years ahead, not just one. Vision board for 2023 and 2024 whilst you’re planning the rest of 2022. Put all the cool ideas on the backburner while you focus on what really matters. What you decide not to pursue often matters more than what you do. Be proudly indifferent to all the things you could do and focus on what you are doing.  

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