Jodie Cook

May 12, 2022

Will this put me out of business?

Is this nothing to worry about or will this put me out of business? That’s the assessment every business owner has to make whenever any problem is brought to them. 

Do I ignore this and get on with what I was doing or do I drop everything to manage this risk and make sure my company survives it? 

People get this wrong.

They ignore something that turns out to be a huge issue or they over-prepare for something that has no impact whatsoever. 

Business owners must know their weaknesses in this area. Know if they have a tendency to brush things aside and then have to rush to put in a last-minute solution, or if they are naturally overcautious and have a tendency to lead with fear even though nothing is really wrong. 

Whatever crosses your path – how much does it actually require your focus? Get insanely good at getting this right.