Joe Guerra

March 8, 2021

Joe G the painter 🎨

In the 1980s, my father and I watched Bob Ross on TV.  Then my father painted in the basement.  I would sneakily press kid fingerprints into his paintings. 

In 2019, I started painting myself.  I took a painting class at my local recreation center, while searching for a safer hobby than motorcycles.  I immediately got hooked.  I bought painting supplies.  I set up a studio in a spare room.  And painted a bunch!  History repeated.  I found cat paw prints on my own paintings.

My bengal cat, Benny Roo, is my self-appointed art director.


I watched YouTube videos to learn and get inspiration.  I started a website and instagram to show my work.  I even sold a few paintings!

My subjects and style are still formative and evolving.  Nonetheless, I prefer landscapes, still life, big, bold brush strokes, tonalism, and impressionism. 

My influences are my father Steve Guerra, Bob Ross, Bill Alexander, Diane Andre, Robert Burridge, Patti Mollica, Carla Bosch, Turner Vinson, Stuart Davies, and Hester Berry.

Now in 2021, painting is a refuge from my high technology digital day job.  My paintings display in the background of video calls.  They are good conversation starters. 

After work, the computer gets put away.  My work-from-home office becomes my analog paint studio.  Painting brings me balance, inspiration, creativity, visualization, fantasy, relaxation, and enjoyment.

Ever thought of painting yourself?  Or art?  

Give it a try.  You can do it.