Joe Guerra

March 19, 2021

Magic the Gathering Card Oil Paintings

25 years ago, I started playing Magic the Gathering. I still collect the cards for the great art and excitement of opening new packs. Sometimes I even play with them! My family roles their eyes when "Magic Cards" show up on my Christmas list every year. Magic is a fantastical universe. The cards have illustrations of creatures, spells,...
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March 18, 2021

Data-informed over Data-driven

You see "data-informed" and "data-driven" terms on websites, job descriptions, and business communications. I invite you to reflect on these terms yourself, especially if you run a business, work on a team, or are joining a new team. I believe being data-informed is better than being data-driven. Data-informed 🤔 means data is one of ma...
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March 17, 2021

Time is our most valuable resource

we cannot mine it like gold we cannot save it like money we cannot buy it like groceries we cannot pause it like television we can only spend it sometimes we can extend time, with healthy habits, medicine, or luck still, time is finite we each get about 75 years sometimes more too often, much less time is a gift we call each moment the...
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March 8, 2021

Joe G the painter 🎨

In the 1980s, my father and I watched Bob Ross on TV. Then my father painted in the basement. I would sneakily press kid fingerprints into his paintings. In 2019, I started painting myself. I took a painting class at my local recreation center, while searching for a safer hobby than motorcycles. I immediately got hooked. I bought paint...
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March 5, 2021

Coffee Time ☕️

In early 2020, my office closed due to COVID-19. We started remote work. I was a product manager on a mobile software team of 18. For some, remote work was a first. For others, there was worry about productivity and collaboration. For everyone, it was a shift in habit. We were used to in-person conversations and chats over lunch or cof...
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March 4, 2021

Hey World!!

I just learned about Hey World 👋 It excites me because it's less software. A return to simple web delights, over the complex bustle of modern apps. 👾 This is my first post, I think 😉 Timely too ⏰ I am aggregating my posts over the years. They live in spots like medium, voice, and wordpress. Unfortunately, those places have feature bloa...
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