KaMeek Lucas Taitt

March 17, 2023

Through the looking glass 🧐

There are only a handful of things that are certain in life, we all know what they are, so why is it that a sense of uncertainty regarding what my next project is, always leaves me feeling a little… lost? As I stream of conscious write this, I realize that I have to reframe my way of thinking and look at it through a positive lens.

For context, we officially wrap Post Production on Disney’s “Nautilus”, sometime towards the end of June (the show is EPIC!), and as of right now, I couldn’t tell you with 100% certainty what the next film is, but there are several options, all at different stages of development.

Therrrrre it is. We have options, and that’s a blessing that I’m truly grateful for.  🙏🏾

Whenever I’m down, it’s easy to look through the lens of uncertainty and feel lost, but just remember when we’re looking through that glass of water, it’s half full. 

About KaMeek Lucas Taitt

Film Producer / Director, an Open minded Tourist of Life. NYC to LA transplant. Currently on MERLIN & NAUTILUS for Disney.