Lila Tace

July 10, 2024

On curses.

Curses are ill wishes; thought currents harassing the image you hold about yourself, and are fed by energetic participation (emotional, mental) and drive to certain actions, often subconscious compulsive behavior. The longer the participation the deeper the effect, as habits solidify.

Let’s pull the root. 
When you dissolve the image, who gets cursed? Curses hold no effect without an image. You are utterly, totally autonomous as your soul. Images can be cursed; souls are free. Evil Eye, crystals, cord cutting, and protection of any kind are not needed for the soul. Only images can get perverted and dispersed further. Dissolve falsness back to your soul and you are free. Remove the hooks one by one. It’s painful but what is the alternative?

About Lila Tace

I am a singer-songwriter and author. My work aims to awaken hearts so that those hearts may awaken the world. Art is a window to God and I am committed to opening a lot of windows! 🪟🪟

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