Lila Tace

June 14, 2024

Self-Born Knowledge

You are who you are. Who needs to acknowledge that?
You don’t need anyone to clap for you. You know, that’s it.
That is self-born knowledge—no approval needed. There is no desire for someone to praise or approve. You are that; that’s it. It has become part of your reality as you have unfolded it within your heart. Self-knowledge is not bookish knowledge. It is a realization upon contemplation of a pattern that finds resolution within our own heart. Such realizations are authentic lessons you may share selflessly. The problem arises when you share information from a book, or you copy or imitate knowledge that is not yours. Out of alignment, you feel like a fraud—because you are. ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’ - Einstein. Sit and contemplate your problem in meditation. Find the root of the pattern. Look at the emotions and thoughts and surrender them to your stream of consciousness or to God. Pray and let it go. The resolution will come in a silent moment, out of the blue, or in another meditation or art session/ creative session. Find root causes and patterns dissipate. Or give the pattern to God, and resolution will come in time. Learn and share your learnings selflessly. That is the path of the teacher. Artists are teachers, but they need to learn to unfold knowledge worth sharing first. 

Thank you for your attention. 

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I am a folk singer-songwriter and author. My work aims to awaken hearts so that those hearts may awaken the world. Art is a window to God and I am committed to opening a lot of windows! 🪟🪟

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