Lila Tace

June 18, 2024

The Spiritual Path Of Art

You have your house, and it’s firm.
You live in it as if it were your kingdom.
You cherish it. It’s all you know.
An artist comes along and opens a window.
The rays of the sun peek in and poke you gently.

With time, you, the inhabitant, notice the light.
Is there more outside of your house?

More time passes, and you realize that life is found outside of your house.
What you’ve built is not your kingdom but your prison, and your prison keeps you from life.

You demolish the house fiber by fiber.
There was no house to begin with; there is just God, and walls are made of clay.
God is the world. Grace is the sun.
The house of clay is the poor state of the lost inhabitant.
By the grace of God, an artist opens a window.

If you were to put a price tag on it, how would you value such an act? 
You forgot your part. Just maybe you forgot who you are. Who, and who as an artist. 
Incalculable is the value of potent art in the world. Incalculable is the value of a living artist.      
An artist that has tasted God, bathed in love, embraced love in the flesh—brings God to the world. 

Through the spiritual path of art, you may awaken to love and, in time, awaken through your art. Demolish your house and permeate love. Potent art will make you abundant within and in time without. Once you know yourself, you know your part in the world. 

By uncovering who you are by demolishing layers of falsehood—you uncover your soul. By uncovering your soul, you uncover your unique part. By serving that part, you will generate money for yourself. Falseness breeds falseness. Love can only be met with love. 

The truth is simple. Uncover who you are, uncover your part, and humbly serve. Your greatest joy also happens to be the world's greatest joy.  

This blog is about the spiritual path of art. It will lead you to consciously face yourself and uncover the truth of your being by gently and patiently making art. Your art is a mirror of your state of being—a wonderful learning tool! In time, you uncover the gift your soul holds, and by sharing that gift, you will support the world and yourself. 

Everyone, as they truly are, beyond delusions, has a part to serve by being their authentic self. That part is unique as you are, but one. There is just one authentic you. Uncover that and serve your unique God-given gift. Delight the world by delighting yourself. Surprise yourself with the love you are capable of being and the love you are capable of giving. 

About Lila Tace

I am a folk singer-songwriter and author. My work aims to awaken hearts so that those hearts may awaken the world. Art is a window to God and I am committed to opening a lot of windows! 🪟🪟

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