Lila Tace

July 10, 2024

What is authenticity?

Authenticity is immediate expression of soul without leaving shadows. 
Authenticity is not possible if the soul is dispersed in the land of images. 
Authenticity collects those images and burns them in the light of its soul.
Authenticity recognizes soul within and is acutely self-aware of trauma responses pulling it without. 
Authenticity is brave enough to face its condition and gently unties itself from the land of images.
Authenticity is self-love, and authenticity is only had alone. 
Without images. Soul to soul. 

Outside the land of images, souls connect without images. 
Anything but authenticity is out of the question.
All is visible and out in the open. 
Only in the land of images, hiding from oneself is possible for some time. 

But rest assured, shit smells. 
Everyone who has eyes sees. 
No one but the owner can clean up. 
Entertainment and numbing fail to satisfy for long. 
Misplaced loyalty has consequences.
Better start now. 

About Lila Tace

I am a folk singer-songwriter and author. My work aims to awaken hearts so that those hearts may awaken the world. Art is a window to God and I am committed to opening a lot of windows! 🪟🪟

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