Lila Tace

July 10, 2024

What is love?

Love allows authentic self-expression without demands.
No cunning for a sweet expression or affirmation.

Love communicates openly in complete vulnerability and truth.
No ego protection and hiding away.

Love observes unloving inner responses and joyfully burns them within.
No letting past trauma invoke distance. 

Love results in independent empowerment in total responsibility.
No outside in but inside out.

Love gives self to God in complete trust of life and creation.
No playing sad alone.

Love sees immediately.
No fractured self.

Love holds up a mirror.
No perpetuation of images.

Love recognizes love within.
No love without.

Love knows God within.
No God without.

Love is self-love. Love is collective. Love is one.
Love is not found in the land of images.

About Lila Tace

I am a singer-songwriter and author. My work aims to awaken hearts so that those hearts may awaken the world. Art is a window to God and I am committed to opening a lot of windows! 🪟🪟

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