Mathias Aggerbo

April 9, 2022

The growing pain of Customer Support

As Smartplan grows, so does our customer support team. Actually, this is the part of Smartplan that grows the most, headcount wise.

Our Customer Support team consists of students from different Universities. The reason we have students instead of full-time employees comes from our initial need for flexibility. Students have that. Most of the time.

We currently have 5 students in our Scandinavian Customer Support and 3 students in our German Customer Support. We recently hired 3, and as this team grows I find it increasingly hard to make sure of the quality. I want us to have the best customer service and with more people on the team, this becomes harder. I see signs of bad habits and corner-cutting sneak in.

For a saas, customer support is constant brand creation. A brand isn’t how the logo looks or what the tag line says or what colours we use. That’s a very small part anyway. A brand is what customers say about us and Customer Support is of huge influence.

I need to find a way to level up how I make sure our brand doesn’t hurt as we build our team. I will try to think of a way to do this.