Mathias Aggerbo

March 28, 2021

The hardest part about running a SaaS

For me there’s no doubt that mental health is the hardest part about running a SaaS. 

And I’m not writing to whine or to make you feel pity for me. Not at all. 

I just want to tell what the downsides is for me, doing this. Building Smartplan. 

I’m one of those that hate roller coasters, but loves to run our business. It is ironic because running a business is a constant roller coaster that kinda fucks with your brain. Let me give you an example:

A few weeks ago I noticed we dropped 5-6 positions on the Google SERP. I had a hard time managing to stay calm. I didn’t sleep well and I snapped at my kids. 

This week we bounced back up the serp. On top of that our traffic is increasing and we’re seeing more signups than we have for quite some time. Endophines all over the place.

I know that, right around the corner another problem will show up, reminding me that what I have isn't a given.

The business is often the last I think of before I go to sleep and the first thing when I wake up. I have to be honest, sometimes I wish this wasn't the case.

Running a small business is thrilling, wonderful and rewarding. No doubt. But it's also the opposite.