February 26, 2022

[1/2] I don't like twitter

I made a twitter account a few months ago. I made it because I wanted to follow a few people I admire, mostly in the urban planning field. Big mistake.

First, I expected that I would only see their posts in my 'feed'. How naïve.

If you follow x, you may want to follow y...
See this post because it's also about urban planning

No, no, no. If I want to follow y, I will find them myself. And that suggested random urban planning post... yeah, that's trash.

I also don't care what the people I follow like or who they follow. I only care about what they have to say. 

Second, twitter indeed brings out the worst out of you. Those amazing people, whose books I read, who are the definition of rationality... the things they retweet, the arguments they get into, even the things they say sometimes... are they really the same people?

It's unbelievable, unfortunate, and understandable. It's easy to give in, to get carried away, to get polarized. I feel the same way too after scrolling for a mere few minutes. 

Therefore... arrivederci.

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