December 8, 2023

dispatch #2

Hello hello
Welcome to dispatch #2.


Walking in the cold

There's something special about it. 

It's so refreshing and mind-clearing. 
Christmas lights somehow make you feel warmer. 
Your favorite podcast makes the miles fly by. 
Or maybe you get lost in a conversation with your favorite person.
Your face gets a free cryotherapy session.

(As long as there's no wind, obviously).

Pictured is slightly blurry Benefit Street, one of the oldest streets in Providence.

You can be the calm one

A few months ago I came across this wonderful post by Steph Ango — Calmness is a superpower. As much as I like to consider myself a calm person (or even stoic, dare I say...), there are definitely a couple things that get me off the rails. 

Ever since reading that post, however, I've been able to remain calm during those moments. Not always, of course, but more than usual. Why? Whenever something happens, the last line from the post just pops into my head: "You can be the calm one".

This alone is enough to create a tiny pause and not succumb straight to the reactive mode. It gives me space to reflect and most likely, let go. It feels great. 

Tracking workouts (or anything, really)

Back in October, I shared a video tutorial on how I track workouts with Notion. I like this method because it allows me to track a wide range of activities and doesn't confine me to any workout-specific apps (which usually make it difficult to export data). 

If you resonate with this, you might find the tutorial useful! And if you also like testing different methods to track stuff, I’d love to learn your ways. So please share if you’d like :)


That's it for today.

Enjoy the weekend ☀️

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