January 7, 2024

dispatch #3

Hi friend,
Welcome to dispatch #3. Hope you had a good start to the new year :) 


Winter in Providence

I'm still enjoying the cold walks (and hoping that local shops keep the Christmas decorations up for just a little bit longer).

Reminiscing Berlin

... So I made a short post about my trip there. It's mostly pictures and coffee shop recommendations. Plus, a hotel I can't wait to return to. And one long, scavenger hunt walk.

A few weeks ago I also watched A Coffee in Berlin. It's a wonderful movie, somewhat melancholic yet calming. Definitely captures Berlin's atmosphere.

Lastly, I've been enjoying my former classmate's YouTube videos. Her name is Nastia, she lives in Berlin, and she posts about her life there. She captures the magic of small day-to-day moments so beautifully. Aside from getting Berlin glimpses, I think that watching her videos has helped me to slow down. So it's worth to check out even if you're not a Berlin-fanatic :) While most of her videos are in Russian, you don't need to know the language to enjoy them. 

Speaking of YouTube...


I started out my own YouTube channel with mostly Figma tutorials. This year though, I would like to create more coding ones (ideally it would be 50% Figma, 50% code). I hope that I can reach more designers who are interested in coding, but are intimidated by it (rightfully so, it can get overwhelming). 

Like Figma, my coding tutorials are usually 5-20 minutes long, and I link the final file and the worksheet in the description. My goal is to lower the bar to entry as much as possible and allow somebody to write their first line of code with minimum setup. If I succeed in getting at least one person (any person, not just designers ;) to do that, it will be so awesome. ⭐️

With that said, here are my latest coding tutorials:

Also, I have a playlist for all code-related tutorials.


That's it for today! 
Have a wonderful week,

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