January 25, 2022

Light, street, rubber, field

Light, wind, rubber, field.
It's meaningless to be elsewhere.
It's meaningless to leave this place,
Because my happiness is here.

Cold, metal, stairs, clock.
It's pleasant to feel this pain,
It's pleasant to know I can,
Because without it I'm just nothing.
Darkness, moon, fake grass, and music.
You lead me where I can be.
You lead me where I can't see
Your faults, your weaknesses, your sadness. 

High and higher, hot, and hotter.
Running faster, light is brighter.
It's meaningless to tell you more.
It's meaningless, so say no more. 

Small poem I wrote senior year of high school, inspired by Aleksandr Blok’s “Night, avenue, lamp, apothecary..”

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