January 23, 2022

On being a newbie

At any point of your life, aim to be a beginner in something. The moment you get comfortable with it, try something else. Repeat.

Aside from learning tons of new things, you’ll also learn patience. Each time you go through this cycle, you’ll have a clearer understanding that a beginner stage is just a stage. And if you could get through it doing other various things, you’ll be able to get through this one as well.

You’ll still feel weak, awkward, even teary. Don’t deny those feelings - feel them, feel through them, and let them go.

Enjoy the results.

Being a newbie will keep you grounded. You will be able to relate to those who are new where you’re an expert. You’ll be more patient in taking the time and helping them. Maybe you’ll actually be helpful, maybe you’ll even become a better teacher. 

Being a newbie will ensure your ego doesn’t get bloated. 

At last, it’ll give you a feeling of aliveness few other things can. 

Enjoy the adrenalin. 

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