June 2, 2022

Talking is tiring, working is energizing

Our ability to talk, analyze, and plan can be a disadvantage. It’s too easy to take it too far.

We get carried away in the wrong direction, trying to iron out the nitty-gritty details of hypothetical problems.

Once we start working, we realize that we never even come close to those “problems”. The flow of work resolves them organically.

We do, however, uncover tons of other challenges. Many of these challenges couldn’t have even been predicted - we had to put in the work to surface them.

Conversation is over the moment it loses its concreteness. Once you start building out a chain of events that may result from the work you haven’t yet done… you stop. There’s a high chance there’s no link between those events. This is the time to start doing and see for yourself.

Same with thinking too. It’s so easy to go down the spiral of possibilities, only to later realize that they mean nothing.

When we spend too much time analyzing, we drift too far from our current point and lose sight of what really is out there. So we jump all over the place.

When we put in the work, the path becomes more clear. Of course we still need to periodically stop to choose direction, but that only happens when we’re at a point when choosing is an option.


Overthinking, overanalyzing, overtalking is tiring. It takes so much out of you and yet, you’re left with nothing. 

Working is energizing, even with all its unexpected challenges. Progress is satisfying and having something concrete to continue building upon is insanely motivating. 

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