Mike Gyi

March 15, 2021

Is this thing on?

Hello World 🌍

I hope this feature of hey.com will allow me the space to create. 

If so, I'll write about: 

  • Learning languages
  • Digital Product Development
  • Town Spot (my current pet project)
  • Personal Development

By personal development, I mean that I'll try to express coherent life observations. 

For example, I had the idea of writing a book for my niece who will be born in 2 weeks. The working title is 'An incomplete list of the sh*t they should've taught you' featuring crowd-sourced chapters like relationships, love, work, friends, trauma, purpose, taboo subjects, etc.

So, who knows, maybe this rincón of the internet will help me write this. Or maybe this will be the first and last one of these I'll ever do :)

See ya,

Update: I did write something the day after this, you can read it here.

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