Miles Fitzgerald

April 12, 2021

Part 1: A design system for modern wellness

I want to share some of the experiments I’ve been exploring for overall wellbeing. Just like you, my journey in health is full of ups and downs. With more questions than answers.

While you read this, take everything with a grain of salt. I’m not saying this is the “right” way to do it. But I believe that sharing this information is important.

Designing my system 

For the longest time, my understanding of my health looked something like this: see doctor once a year. The doctor would say you need more Vitamin D (I live in New York). And that’s it. There was no follow up. I was leaving 300-ish days in between any kind of checkup. 

All that changed when I discovered a startup called Parsley health. A new kind of health approach, based on holistic medicine instead of reactive medicine.

Parsley starts with an hour introduction call with your doctor and coach, where they ask you questions around your current lifestyle. How often do you drink alcohol, how many hours do you sleep, how much exercise do you get each week, what kind of foods do you eat etc… They also take a deeper look at your blood test and see if they want to go more in depth.

Once your doctor gets the data — Quantitative (eg: your missing vitamin X) and qualitative (eg: I’m stressed and thus I don’t sleep well) — they will prescribe alternatives to get you back on track. 

Changing any habit in your life is hard. This is where the magic of the service comes into play. You meet with your doctor every 3/6 months and you have unlimited communication with them. At each visit, they go go over the plan and help you rectify if you haven’t nailed it yet. 

The Wellness Loop

I now follow this loop to make sure I’m on track for anything related to overall wellness.

  • The doctor helps me identify what can be improved 
  • I start implementing 
  • Track Data (Quant and Qual) 
  • Share that data and progress with my coach/doctor 
  • Start seeing progress and feel better
You can learn a lot by following the wellness loop during 1 year. You don’t need to be paying these high fees for the rest of your life. I’m happy to answer any questions if you are thinking of trying it.

8 Things that I’ve enjoyed this week:

  • The Good Gut - This book made me realize the importance of my gut health and how much impact it can have on energy levels. 
  • Why We Sleep - This book goes in depth on why we sleep and how much impact it can have on us if we don’t get enough of it. Fixing my sleep is one of the best things I’ve done for my health in the last few years. 
  • Apple Watch - I love the Apple Watch for everyday activity and sleep monitoring. 
  • Tabbs - If you have more than 10 Tabs opened in your browser, this is your new best friend. Spotlight for your Tabs. 
  • Butcher Box - When I started fixing my macro ratio, I was having a hard time finding high quality meat without breaking the bank. This box service comes once a month now. High quality meat at low prices. 
  • Levels - A CGM device paired with a nutritionist can be very powerful. This way of seeing data in realtime based on the fuel you put in your body is game changing. 
  • Hip Camp - The Airbnb for people who want to try camping. One of the things that’s been helping with stress levels is simply spending more time in nature. 
  • All trails - We open this app anywhere in the world and try to do a hike. Something I want to talk about in a future newsletter is the power of walking for processing stress and anything else going in your life. 

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Enjoy your week! ✌️