Nick Seferos

March 17, 2021

My Biggest Flaw

My biggest flaw... I get too excited to start something and don’t always see it through and I start something new and don’t finish the previous. 

For example all in the same week:
  • Get an idea for an app and start to build
  • Get an idea for a blog and spin it up and buy a domain
  • Get another idea for a separate app and start to build (I’m good at typing rails new)
  • Idea for a paper - start writing
  • Idea for blog post - type
  • Idea for website - hop on carrd
  • And on
And I do all of that in a shotgun approach. Nothing gets actually accomplished.

I am working to move to actually accomplish tasks and doing them in a specified order of hard to easy, and completing one task before another. Like an ordered list, not the unordered one of chaos above.

For the time being:
  1. Complete paper on gate (
  2. Finish build on money app and share
  3. Write a quick blog post on seahorse system / LASH
  4. Get course v compass up and running
  5. Write paper / post on RTG reefers bus bar, auto plug
  6. Write paper / post on cf cans and bulk can
  7. Move to be the main site
  8. Finish bye-bye EDI on carrd
  9. Write a paper on edi vs api
  10. Talk to industry contacts about uses of freight automation software and desire. Develop a product idea.
  11. Write a paper on seahorse system
  12. Container leasing leads
  13. CF Cans Landing & design
  14. Perfect deck framing square?
  15. Auto-dog chassis
  16. Sail University (buy evergreen course too??)

Terminal Analytics somewhere in here??