Michael Reibel Boesen

July 10, 2022

馃嵎 Ventoux in Southern Rh么ne rocks 馃


I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Southern Rh么ne whites. 50% of the time I find them dead boring and 50% they鈥檙e amazing. I tried this one鈥檚 sibling and it was definitely in the former category but this one definitely in the latter 聽馃ぉ.

Ventoux is area wise one of the larger appellations in Southern Rh么ne starting just east of Avignon and continuing up into the Alps.

Chateau Pesquie Ventoux Quintessence Blanc 2020

80% Rousanne
20% Clairette

馃憗 Medium gold

馃憛馃憙 So deliciously complex. On the primary side I get Spice (curry! That鈥檚 a first), apple, pear, melon, flower. Fruit characteristics is definitely on the bruised side. Also getting some secondary note very faint well integrated notes of vanilla as well as butter from malolactic conversion.

馃搻 Lovely full body with medium acidity which makes it feel just a tiny bit flat. Finish also on the longer side of medium.

馃 This is really nice and ticks all the boxes in my book. Definitely left me wanting more Southern Rh么ne. Outstanding!



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