Robbie Maltby

March 25, 2021

Good friends

Good friends tell you when you've done something that isn't acceptable.

They're not afraid of conflict, and they trust you not to take offence.

You do the same for them, and they respect you for it. In fact, your bond is absolutely indispensable.

You don't rely on each other, but when you come together you excel. You're capacity for teamwork is immense.


The hard part of course is finding the right team to be part of, the right friendships to keep.

Life is a journey and sometimes paths diverge for the better. Holding on too tightly can hold you back, cause you upset, and unnecessary grief.

But we have to keep our good friendships together. Not let them peter out, not let them break.

We'll only have ourselves to blame and our own sleeve to dry our eyes.

Keep at it. Keep your pals. You'll be grateful for it in the end 😌

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