Robbie Maltby

March 16, 2021

[Part 2] Starting a business

If you followed along with Part 1, you'll have your 3 lists by now, and lot of reasons Why? 😉

Now we want to distil the theme from your lists.

It may already be apparent but look at what's coming up regularly and ask yourself, "Which of these makes me most excited?"

If you don't feel anything, I'd suggest you revisit your lists in a few days time.

Excitement is a pretty good gauge of whether or not you've found something that will motivate you in business over the long term, so keep going until you feel it.

[If you're still struggling, I'll do a separate post in the future on how to generate bags of excitement on demand.]


Next up we want to bring to mind who could benefit from what we already know?

To give you an example, a few years ago after completing this exercise, my enjoyment of building and optimising systems came up strongly, as well as my love for nature and the outdoors. I also wanted to create something passive, as I was already in a consulting role.

It felt like my audience would be health and environmentally conscience, so I just needed to figure out what to offer.

It took a few go's (including my Sneaky Booch Kombucha idea 😂) and a lot of searches on Google Trends by I ended up creating Pure Earth®.

This satisfied my love for building and optimising systems, my love for nature, as well as my enjoyment of (addiction to 😅) coffee, and I knew others like me would get onboard.

Well, I thought so anyway. I needed to test the market first.

Next up, Test the Market!

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