Rohit Malekar

July 8, 2021

The Creator's Paradox: Unsolicited Serendipities

How do ideas originate? 

As a creator, can you think of the last time an original idea flashed in the inner eye of your mind? It must have felt like a spontaneous spark out of nowhere. Are you always able to explain how you arrived at it? Have you ever felt that moment to be so abstract that words fail to define it? 

Often, in moments like these, I have to admit it feels like the universe is making things happen through us rather than to us.

The unsolicited serendipities

There have been moments where I would get an unsolicited thought to solve a long overdue issue at work when immersed in a completely unrelated activity. On multiple occasions, someone has shared an analogy or an insight they liked from one of my poems that I did not compose intentionally, at least at any level of conscious effort.

As gratifying as it may be to take "ownership" of that outcome, the reality is that your conscious self is a mere observer at best in such situations. 

Just to clarify, this is not about imposter syndrome. This is not about believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be. This is the exact opposite. This is about understanding what lies at the root of your proven competence.

Why is this important? 

In a world immersed in a race to accrue labels, you may not owe a proof of your abilities to anyone else. However, you owe yourself an authentic narrative of why have you chosen the path that you have. And that pursuit of purpose will be laden with such nudges that words will fail to capture. 

An unexplained pull towards a social cause, an unmitigated urge to address an issue at work outside of your responsibilities, an undying feeling to create something that's not your core craft, or an unsolicited experience where time ceased to flow - these are the moments where you find "you".

In modern life where we seek information and clarity to the nth degree of detail, maybe such moments deserve letting our guard down and let the happening transpire through us.